Who I am

Actor - Poet - Narrator

Born in Bologna on 27 January 1969.
Graduated from Liit School (Italian League of Improvisation) in 1997, graduating from the Colli Theater School of Emanuela Montagna in 2002, he attended the courses of the Clesis Arte Roma school of Maestro Carlo Merlonel 2011 and in 2016, he attended the Academy of Cinema " Cineteatro "in Rome, by Antonio Bilo Canella in 2012.

He refines his knowledges thanks to D.Lemmo, an honorary member of the Actor's Studio in NY, Dimitri Pasquali, Matteo Belli, Stefano Rossi, Giuliana Musso, Massimo Macchiavelli, Matteo Tarasco, Milli Taddei, Lamberto Lipparini, Marta Rosa, Martin Carnevali, Fabio Mangolini. Both as the main and the secondary character in many theater shows in Bologna and throughout Italy touring with various companies.
He collaborated as an actor, poet, narrator on a television talk "Red October" conducted by Fabio Raffaelli, on a local Bologna network. He also worked in several short films "Ampludith plus" with Massimo Totola, "Il Colloquio" with Giorgio Comaschi. He also worked in many productions of operettas, theater in dialect and children's theater.

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